Does HELB Loan Diploma Students? How to Apply

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is a financial organization that the government of Kenya formed to offer loans and bursaries to Kenyan students pursuing higher education in recognized institutions both domestically and overseas. Although HELB also assists diploma students in Kenya, many people are unaware of this fact. The board predominantly supports degree students.

Popularity  of Diploma Courses

Due to their practical character and shorter duration, diploma programs are becoming more and more popular in Kenya. Numerous organizations around the nation, including universities, technical and vocational education training (TVET) institutions, and colleges, provide diploma programs. However, diploma students, particularly those from low-income households, may find it difficult to finance their higher education.

HELB has expanded its services to this group because it understands how important it is to serve diploma students. By submitting an application through the HELB site, students taking diploma courses can receive financial aid from HELB. The application procedure is simple and resembles what degree students go through.

Does HELB Support Diploma Students?

Yes, HELB provides loans for diploma students the same way they provide to degree students. If you are in TVET institution, you don’t need to worry on getting a HELB loan. Just visit the HELB Portal and start the application. You can commence the application after receiving the admission letter from your College or TVET institution.

How to Apply for HELB Loan for Diploma Students

Diploma students must first register on the HELB portal, create a profile, and fill out their personal information before they can apply for a loan or bursary. The students must also submit supporting documentation, such as a copy of their national identification card, an admissions letter, and their institution’s price schedule. The application must be finished and submitted by the students to the board for review.

Depending on their needs and the available finances, the student will either receive a loan or a bursary when their application is approved. Diploma students typically receive loans or bursaries in amounts that are less than those offered to degree holders. However, this financial aid might significantly impact diploma students’ ability to finish their coursework.

In addition, HELB Loans for diploma students is credited to the school’s account meant to make payment for the school fees. This is unlike the Bachelor’s students who get part of the amount credited to school’s account (mostly Kshs 4,000 per semester) and the rest credited to the student’s account.

The loan disbursement procedure is the same for diploma students as it is for degree holders with the only difference being on where the finances are disbursed. After the institution confirms the student’s enrollment, the money is transferred immediately to the institution’s account, where the student’s school fees is paid with the amount disbursed. The process for repaying student loans is the same for both diploma and degree recipients. After the student completes their studies and finds employment, the loan must be repaid.

Bottom Line

Finally, as long as they submit their applications via the HELB portal, HELB supports diploma students in Kenya. Students pursuing diplomas can apply for loans and bursaries from HELB, which can assist them in funding their education. The application procedure is the same for diploma students as it is for degree students, as are the loan disbursement and repayment procedures. Therefore, diploma students should utilize this chance and submit an application for financial aid from HELB in order to support their academic objectives.

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