10 Pickpocketing Hotspots in Nairobi City

Pickpocketing in Nairobi could be one of your greatest dilemma and worries upon your visit on this Kenya’s Capital.

You never want to lose a single cent to any robber without your knowledge. The Kenyan provides you with a compilation on the places you need to take good care to ensure you are not a victim of pickpocketing in Nairobi City.

Most cases of pickpockets have been found in these areas and definitely you need to be very careful as you walk along these streets.

Though Nairobi is quite safe, better take caution. Otherwise, you will always fear Nairobi from your first single visit.

Here are the 10 pickpocketing hotspots in Nairobi;

1) Ronald Ngala Street

This is one of the common areas you will find pickpockets following the highly crowded street along this way to OTC. If you are moving through this street, you better be more careful with your wallets and handbags.

2) River Road

In River Road, you will find huge crowds especially in the morning and evening hours. Along this busy street, you will find hawkers all through the street. With the congestion and less free area to get a free spot, pickpockets have emerged to find prey in these places. Be careful as you use the road.

3) Latema Road

This is the street connecting Odeon to River Road. In this street, you will find it difficult to move at speed due to the high congestion within the street.

Though business seems to be on top notch on the hawkers along the street, you better be keen to avoid any pickpockets. You better take good care of your handbag as you go along this street.

4) Kamukunji Area

Kamukunji is one of the busiest places in Nairobi City. Most people moving to Kamukunji are known to have money with them as most of them are business people looking for wholesale prices.

Kamukunji is known for selling a variety of products at wholesale prices and in bulk. If you are going to Kamukunji, you better have your valuables well placed at secure places and also take good care to avoid any pickpockets.

5) Eastleigh

Eastleigh is known for its high quality clothes which also come at a friendly pricing. Due to this, it is one of the busiest places in Nairobi with crowds flocking the streets all day long.

With the congestion in Eastleigh, you expect a high number of pickpockets. Ensure you are very careful as you go through these streets, otherwise, you will find yourself a victim of pickpockets.

6) Gikomba Area

Gikomba is known for selling second-hand clothes mainly known as Mitumba. Most Kenyans who can’t afford the new clothes that are normally highly priced, they will always find their way to Gikomba.

As a matter of fact, Gikomba is the largest open Air Market in Kenya and one of the busiest open air markets. In Gikomba you can find anything you need at very low prices.

As a result of this, it attracts huge number of people leading to a congestion on its streets. Pickpockets always find their way here and find out for people who seem not to understand the areas. Just be on the look.

7) Kariobangi, Rounda

Kariobangi features most pickpockets especially in the roundabout area mainly known as Rounda. If you are in this area for the first time, you better be careful to avoid falling prey of these pickpockets.

Though ununiformed security officers are always on the watch around this place, just be careful as pickpockets always position themselves especially as traffic builds itself.

8) Tea Room

Tea Room is mainly known for the new fresh men to Nairobi. The reason most people in this places are freshers to Nairobi is due to it hosting the Stage that connects Nairobi to most upcountry PSVs.

Pickpockets and psychology robbers are always looking for a prey along this street. Just be careful and never look anxious as they will easily note you.

9) Globe Roundabout

The globe roundabout connecting Nairobi CBD and Ngara also contains some pickpockets on people crossing to and from Ngara. They always place themselves strategically especially to impatient people who don’t wait on the traffic jam on the flyover connecting CBD and Ngara.

10) Haile Selassie Avenue

The Haile Selassie stretch on the lower part that connects the road to Kamukunji is another one of the hotspots for pickpockets. This area is full of phone snatchers and if you are boarding a bus or in your personal car, you really need to be careful.

These phone snatchers are always strategic and will snatch your phone without your awareness. These pickpockets always take advantage of the traffic which is always on this area and the ease in which they can easily get away before you finding them.

Last Words

Pickpocketing is always a threat and you really need to take good care while going through the above places we I just jotted for you.

If you really think there is any other place I just omitted, just point it out to the comment section and tell us about your experience on the same.

Thank you!

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