How to Build a Foundation of Love: A Journey to Strong Marriages

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Couple wearing silver ringsThe Pursuit to be a Husband

When I was growing up, I had one pursuit in life: to be a husband. From a young age, I watched the men in my community church lead their families with strength, love, and unwavering commitment. They were the embodiment of what I aspired to be—a husband who cherished, adored, and respected his wife above all else.

These men weren’t immune to the trials and tribulations of marriage. They had weathered the storms of adolescence within their relationships and emerged as steadfast adults, committed to loving their wives unconditionally and laying down their lives for them if necessary.

Broken Families

Coming from a family where marriage seemed fragile, I understood that the key to a successful marriage lay in its foundation. It wasn’t just about fleeting feelings of goodness; it was about obedience, honor, and a deep reverence for the institution that God had ordained.

Marriage, I realized, was a sacred covenant, far more significant than society often portrayed it. It was a union designed by God for a man and a woman, a bond meant to withstand the trials and tribulations of life.

Commit Marriage to God

As I embarked on my own journey into marriage, I made a solemn vow to myself and to the generations that would follow. I prayed that my family and those I lead would recognize the beauty and importance of stable marriages, rooted firmly in faith and built upon the solid rock of God’s word.

For I knew that anything not built on the foundation of the Lord was destined to crumble when the storms of life came crashing down. It was like constructing a house on shifting sands and expecting it to withstand the fierce winds of the desert.

The Worldly View on Marriage

In a world where marriage is often treated casually and divorce rates soar, I remained steadfast in my commitment to honoring the sanctity of this sacred union. I sought to emulate the example set by the men who had gone before me, men who had stood the test of time and remained faithful to their vows through thick and thin.

And so, as I stood at the altar, ready to embark on this lifelong journey with the one I loved, I did so with a heart full of hope and a deep-rooted faith in the power of love. For I knew that with God at the center of our marriage, we would be equipped to weather any storm that came our way.

Finishing Strong in Marriages

As the years pass and our love deepens, I hold fast to the lessons I have learned from those wise men in my community church. I remain committed to loving, honoring, and cherishing my wife, knowing that our marriage is a reflection of God’s grace and a testament to His faithfulness.

In a world where marriages crumble at the slightest sign of trouble, I am grateful for the strong foundation upon which ours is built. And I pray that others may find the same strength and solace in their own unions, knowing that with God, all things are possible.


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