As almost every Kenyan has accepted these TOP 20 wrong behaviors in their moral DNA, Adam Scott said, “I love hearing about bad behavior. It’s just so funny to me. Especially, grown ups acting like weird, inconsolable babies over really stupid things, to me, is really funny.”

  1. That their tribesmen politicians must be supported purely on that account.

  2.  To litter is okay and public urination in every corner of the street.

  3.  Kenyans are used to bullying in the name of jokes. i.e. Has anyone joked with you and when you get upset, they get defensive by asking, “Kwani hujui jokes- you don’t know when someone jokes, or sasa unataka kulia- do you want to cry?”

  4. We’ve tolerated the smash and pass shows that are being promoted in every show.

  5. Violence is the way and truth and peace is very expensive, literary unaffordable.

  6. Sexual harassments by touts and bosses in our public transport means and work stations.

  7. Poor road infrastructure, lawlessness on our roads and rogue matatu culture that has led to loss of lives.

  8. Body shaming. I know most Kenyans especially size plus have become victims of this in cyber bullying about how they look and dress. This days, the wave has not left the short too and the slim individuals. They have all become part of the narrative.

  9. There’s no fun without alcohol. Most Kenyans have taken this behavior a notch higher that almost every other day of the week they have to intoxicate themselves with alcoholic drinks for a weekend to be complete.

  10. Politicians have become celebrities rather than leaders to spearhead policies for changes and growth.

  11. Torturing our teenage kids in the name of discipline. i.e. kids lack enough sleep in the name of preps and early mornings and late evenings working on school tasks with no time to play, and sleep interrupting their regular sleep cycles which worsens learning and comprehension with time. Some schools this days demand kids also to go to school on Sunday afternoon to preps to for primary levels.

  12. Noise pollution from every church across every street and Manyangas (buses). Especially if you’re someone who tends to use Rongai and Ngong routes, be wary of this.

  13. The deitification of parents and relatives. Just because your daughter or son is in Nairobi, that doesn’t mean that they have to sort every other penny issues you have without you not understanding that actually most of them are living in debts in Nairobi.

  14. Over abuse, corruption, and theft. It not only cuts across the public sector of governance but also the private sector. Every day in Kenya there has to be a graft case that arises or happens without no eyes seeing, or ears hearing.

  15. Celebrating ill gotten money. The rise of cashing in quick and the wash wash industry from our neighboring Nigerian friends who have flocked to Kenya for greener pastures.

  16. Accepting mediocrity and moving swiftly.

  17. The praise of sex. Today selling “Rosecoco” (SEX) has become a norm in exchange for cash and getting rich quickly for our young sisters, friends, mothers. Sex has become open and is put there as a product in any supermarket store that any married, unmarried whatever the status is, you can do what you want.

  18. Well known thieves and killers being elected to government positions over and over again. From the likes of Richard Echesa, and other leaders who have been on the lime light of graft cases but yet find themselves as chairpersons in other government institutions.

  19. Every person has become an influencer. Just because you started recording yourself is considered a “talent” and people flocking your comments to say, “You’ll go far,” just because you’re imitating Raila, Jeff Koinange or any other well-known individual. Lets be serious and speak truth to one another.

  20. Giving gender based violence (GBV) a pass. “Mambo ya watu wawili wamelala blanket moja usiingililie.” (two people who sleep under one blanket, you can’t come between them.) Women and both men are suffering assault in the name of you can’t offer help because it’s a marital issue. “Where did the love of being a brothers keeper go?”

  21. Not keeping time. “Do I need to say more about this?”

I believe we can change our ways. We can look at the man in the mirror and tell him to change his ways.

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