Why is Rigathi Gachagua called Riggy G Meaning | Riggy G Meaning Explained

Kenya’s deputy president, Rigathi Gachagua gained much fame from the speech he makes every time he comes to the public. This has led to tweets trolling with the name ‘Riggy G’ trending. Riggy G has been a nickname referring to Kenya’s Deputy President.

Where did the name Riggy G Originate from?

Riggy G is a term that has been in use since Rigathi Gachagua became the running mate to Kenya’s President, Dr. William Ruto. The term, however, became famous in July 2022 following a tweet by one of the members of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT)

The first mention of this name came from the twitter user @_chelimo_ in July 19th 2022.

This first tweet was as below;

Riggy G amekataa kutaja freedom??

~ Shawty of nicknames on 19th July 2022 at 9:11PM

As a matter of fact, she calls herself a Shawty for nicknames being that she comes up with many nicknames for several celebrities.

Riggy G Meaning

Having gained much fame, the nickname Riggy G is a much surprise to whether it has a genuine meaning.

On doing a thorough search, The Kenyan found out that this nickname doesn’t really have a specific meaning. Rather, the name got established on the ease of consonance with the name Rigathi being shortened to Riggy while Gachagua was abbreviated to G.

On the combination of Riggy and G, a rhyming word Riggy G was established.

Therefore, the nickname Riggy G just means Rigathi Gachagua in short form as a nickname. The nickname is, however,  not an official nickname, but a name used by netizens.


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