100+ William Ruto Quotes in 2024

Here are the top quotes by Kenya’s President William Ruto in 2024

  1. Nobody has the monopoly of all knowledge but together, we can build a genius economy
  2. Power is transient and the people of Kenya will overcome
  3. Failure is not an option; we must make sure we all succeed.
  4. We do not exist to obey the law; the law exists to serve us. If It is not serving us, we change it, if we cannot change, we repeal.
  5. Things may come to those who wait but only things left behind by those who hustle
  6. Bottom-up is about not leaving anyone behind
  7. We will not submit to your threats and blackmail, we will not bow to you, we will not worship you. We worship the living God in heaven. We worship no human being.
  8. It is clear that we cannot share poverty or hunger, but we can share opportunities
  9. Inequality breeds suspicion; the more we create an unequal society, the more dangerous it becomes.
  10. We must deliberately democratize opportunities for wealth creation.
  11. If we have a good idea and you have a better idea, we will agree to give way our good idea for your better idea, because that is the only way we can take Kenya forward.
  12. I look forward to a day when a bodaboda guy when waiting for the next customer, he is trading on his phone; instead of betting, guesswork and losing money.
  13. If our animals can interact freely, why shouldn’t we?
  14. I believe the stock market has the potential to help us raise development capital through the bond market and listing of publicly owned companies.
  15. I am a man on a mission, I have no room to retreat, and I don’t have the luxury to surrender; We are matching forward
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