A man at a graveyard

A Letter to death…

I would wonder what I would write for a letter to death. But here I am, finding boldness to articulate the truth that lays wait to be unravel in the bosom of my heart.
Recently I celebrated my birthday on March. I thought this year would be fun than last year but it turns out I’m not that individual whose in the mood for celebration. (Lucky to be born on worlds poet day).
But yet again looking back at the life I have lived, I can attest that God has indeed allowed me to be alive in spite of having others fallen asleep. I am not perfect than those who have fallen asleep but as long as I am here, I will keep the faith.


My passion for journaling takes me into 2020…

I want to share a piece I came across from my journal back in 2020. We all had our own interactions with how 2020 packaged itself and during that year how God proved himself great above every other system.
Some businesses stopped, systems collapsed, and name it, came to a point of halt but the sun still shone from the east to the west.
So I hope you find purpose of why you were made, why you are alive today and what the future awaits. We are not going to be in the earth forever, a home awaits.

Dear Death,

I know when you come you will not fail to accomplish your purpose. Trust me, I will be at peace because I’ve lived this life like a person expecting a thief. That doesn’t mean I’m pessimistic but like mist, I know east or west, east is where the sun shines and in the west I will find that life meant for me- when chilly and coldness hits the ground in the morning and at night but I know who holds my spirit last.
God my only hope.


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