love is a flower
What is LOVE?
When I think about her
I think about many times
I bought her flowers
and she chocked.
I know she hates flowers,
but this love is ours
to cherish
to find replenish
in the bosom of our hearts
beyond the hurts
of our past-
About failure to be the one
Choosing not the path to be a nun
but find a desire to share
to show how much she cares
to love beyond her eyes
to speak truth beyond lies.
Even in pain, she choose to be better
Not that she found a Peter

In me, but she found what it meant
to die to self, pick up your cross and follow me.
To her, if I would ask, ‘what love is?’
She would say, ‘love is discipleship.
You know what you signed up for
when the honey moon is over-‘
So wait for the Holy Spirit to
lead you into the curves of marriage
For its worth with age-
It’s not a cage,
It’s not where rage become the language
but it’s a page to lead you into chapters
of who you were meant to be.
Happy May
To the one I love.
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